Year 5 students during their Daily Mile activity as part of the TNT Erasmus+ project

Kinder 2 students investigating magnets and letter fishing

Carnival Crafts by Kinder 2 students

For Carnival Kinder 2.2 students made a rainbow fish after listening to the story. For this activity the kids brought a used paper bag/basket from home. They tied one end overturned the basket, put a glue stick to shape  the mouth then tied the opposite end to form the tail. The kids used glue and tissue paper to get the body smooth. By using the  papier mache technique the kids got an idea of how floats and masks are made for carnival.

Sannat students donated dog food during an Animal Awareness session held by SPCA at our school

Introducing Klabb Naħla Literacy Programme to our school

Klabb Naħla is an after-school literacy programme for learners in Years 2 and Year 3, with a focus on learners on Checklist 1 (Maltese). Klabb Naħla serves to provide literacy after-school intervention as an additional support for children who have been identified as showing signs of emergent literacy difficulties. Participating learners attend twice weekly sessions, delivered by teachers from their own school, where they are offered individualised attention and work in small groups.

Kinder 2 students during a video chat with students from San Lawrenz school as part of the eTwinning project This Week’s Highlights!

Christmas Procession and Mass at Sannat Parish

Christmas Concert 2017

Community Chest Fund Mass at Ta’ Pinu Church with the participation of Special Unit Students

Prayer Spaces

Children writing their prayers.