Job Shadowing Experience in London

Comenius in-service training in London

Last term, we visited Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School (QEII) and College Park School (CPS) in London as part of our Comenius in-service training. QEII School caters for students aged between 5 and 19 years, with severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning difficulties. College Park School aims at meeting the needs of students having Autism Spectrum Disorders and moderate to severe learning difficulties aged between 5 and 19 years.

We observed the way in which teachers incorporate both sensory and technology throughout the sessions. We took note of new methods of teaching which we can adopt in our sessions and which we can share with our colleagues.  Classrooms are highly equipped and well-staffed. The way of communication between the staff and students is very effective. We observed that key word signing is a common practice in all the classrooms. It is used by the staff to communicate effectively with students. At College Park School, an emphasis is made on communicating with symbols due to the fact that there are a large number of students with autism. All teaching material and follow up activities are supported with symbols.

This experience has proven to be an important milestone in our continuous professional development.



Ms Joanne Sultana

Ms Monica Barabara

Sannat Special Unit