Opening Doors music workshops organised by Gaulitana – A Festival of Music

Students at Sannat Special Unit together with students from the Sannat mainstream school had the opportunity to participate in the Opening Doors music workshops. These music workshops were organised and funded by GAULearn which is an educational programme within the Gaulitana – A Festival of Music.

Opening Doors is an autonomous non-governmental, not-for-profit arts association operating at a national level in Malta. They promote active involvement of adults with diverse learning abilities in the artistic and creative sector.

During these workshops, students were encouraged to improvise and create their own musical language by using percussion instruments which are easy to play. It was interesting to observe how the animator repeated each student’s improvisation and encouraged the rest of the group to follow through.

All students who participated were able to respond to music, no matter what their level of difficulties. Students with attention deficit and behaviour difficulties were able to focus and follow instructions throughout the one hour session. Students with emotional difficulties expressed their enjoyment, even though the music was at times very loud. The impact of the session on the participants was indeed a positive one.

These workshops were followed by a demonstration which involved the whole school. The school hall became alive with music, clapping and cheering.