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X’hemM għal Dinja aħjar

The X’hemM? għal Dinja Aħjar initiative aims to:
• Promote quality STEM education for all.
• Develop topics outlined in Primary Mathematics and Science curricula.
• Engage students in relevant meaningful experiences.
• Nurture positive attitudes towards STEM.
• Raise the general profile of STEM education within the community.
• Foster a STEM learning community.

programm ta’ tnissil u rilaxx ta’ gamiem bil-għan li titkattar il-popolazzjoni tal-gamiem

Jitnieda programm ta’ tnissil u rilaxx ta’ gamiem biex titkattar il-popolazzjoni tal-gamiemIl-Ministru għal Għawdex Clint Camilleri u l-Ministru għall-Edukazzjoni Justyne Caruana flimkien mal-Federazzjoni Kaċċaturi Nassaba Konservazzjonisti (FKNK), nedew programm ta’ tnissil u rilaxx ta’ gamiem f’Malta bil-għan li titkattar il-popolazzjoni tal-gamiem. Il-programm huwa ffinanzjat mill-Ministeru għal Għawdex. Preżenti għall-okkażjoni kien hemm fost l-oħrajn membri tal-FKNK, il-prinċipal tal-Kulleġġ ta’ Għawdex, il-kap tal-Iskola Primarja ta’ Sannat u tfal li jattendu l-istess skola. Kompli aqra =>


The very good and long relationship between Sannat Primary and Special Unit and HSBC (Malta) was strenghtened with a visit to the school by the new CEO of the bank Mr Simon Vaughan Johnson on the 16th July 2020. He was shown around by the Head of School Ms Pauline Grech accompanied by  the School Senior Leadership Team, and Mr Glenn Bugeja (Manager Corporate Sustainability HSBC, Malta). Mr Vaughan Johnson was impressed with the progress in the infrastructure that the school has made along the years, especially to cater for the needs of students within the Autism Spectrum, with the help of HSBC Malta Foundation. The CEO showed a great interest in all the projects which the school is involved in, particularly in the dream of having a Hydro-Sensory Therapy Pool installed within the school premises. HSBC strongly believes in the inclusion of every child in the educational process, and is convinced that every child matters. Mr Vaughan Johnson promised to continue with the sterling work of his predecessors by helping out in the educational venture of the school.