This Week’s Highlights

About the project

The children will be showing crafts, singing rhymes, showing and sharing what we did during the week at Sannat primary school. We will take turn and every fortnight show our friend from San Lawrenz primary school all we did together.


To share ideas, to enchance children’s self confidence, to promote digital literacy among the little ones.


Every week one particular school will be showing to the other school, crafts, or other activities they did during the week. They are free to present whatever they like. The following week the other school will be presenting what they did. It is planned to make contact every Friday at about 11 o’clock. This may vary if there are other activities in one of the schools.


By the end of the scholastic year the children will be more confident to talk in front of an audience, make new friends via etwinning and be more computer friendly.


Kinder 2 students during a video chat with students from San Lawrenz school

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