MAPSSS Election

All parents of students, attending state primary and secondary school in Malta and Gozo are receiving, or have already received the ballot paper with the names of the persons contesting the seat available for their particular College on the MAPSSS Committee. The votes have to be taken to the school by themselves or send the vote in  a sealed envelope with their children, or sent by normal mail by tomorrow 23rd January.  Continue reading->

Farming…on the school premises

During the current scholastic year, the school has embarked on a number of new initiatives. One of these was to use a part of its surrounding gardens for the creation of a ‘kitchen garden’ where a wide variety of vegetables were planted. This initiative proved to be very popular with our pupils and further more, it is helping them get an insight on farming in general.

The school is grateful to one of its general hands, Mr. Roderick Refalo, for his efforts in ensuring the desired success in this endeavour.


Student Council Election

Our involvement, as PSCD peripatetic teachers, on the setting up and running of Primary School Student Councils’, shows that we recognise the important role that young people have in shaping our common future. By being involved in such activities, young people become active citizens, a key component in promoting long term changes for a more sustainable world.

The role of a Students’ Council within a school is to bring together nominated students and school staff representatives to look at issues raised by the students, school staff representatives and Head of School. These issues are worked on to a conclusion through a democratic process. Pupils are encouraged to take decisions based on facts and take into account factors such as cost, health and safety and curriculum constraints.

During the first scholastic term, the Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 classes are introduced to the concept of Student Council. A set of 6 ‘hands on’ sessions are delivered during the weekly PSCD lesson to demonstrate democracy in action, how it should work and finally, students interested in participating in student councils are encouraged to present their nomination. The learning outcomes behind these sessions are:
• to be aware of what qualities a good leader possess
• to encourage the spirit of teambuilding
• to improve listening skills
• to be able to articulate their thoughts and deliver them in an eloquent speech
• how to design and present a poster for the electoral campaign
• how to make an informed decision and vote for the best nominees on a ballot sheet in a responsible way.

The Student Council is made up of Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students. The school election normally is done at the end of term 1 or beginning of term 2. This year’s election was held in December 2014. Special Unit students assisted the voters on Election Day. Besides attending the meetings, the Student Council Members need to write Agendas and Minutes and also help with the planning and implementation of activities.


HSBC Catch The Drop Campaign

Our Year 5 students together with students from the special unit have worked collectively to build a model of a water tap.  This was done to emphasis waste reduction and less water consumption. HSBC officials were invited to the inauguration of the water tap model as part of the HSBC Catch The Drop Campaign.