Mural Project

The Lighthouse Mosaic


The light house mosaic is a mural of about 17 feet high and 652 cm length, of different media.  It was based on a design depicting the sea, the shore and a light house by Artist Justin Falzon  and upon an initiative by the Head of School Mr Daniel James Cassar


Students from MCast, Carly, Carolyn, Jessica and Stephan, worked on this project, together with their colleague Mark, art teacher Son Sultana and LSA John Mizzi.  Work consisted of creating a scene with part of the wall painted a light blue to form the sky, with white clouds and the sun.  One of the round windows on the wall was painted yellow to become the sun.  For the shore, pebbles were placed individually to create a textured seashore, made of rough hewn and rounded pebbles.  Broken shards of coloured tiles were used to create seashells, between the pebbles.  Bluish hues of tiles were also used for the sea, as well as other coloured tiles for the boat, the light house, the grass and the seagulls.  For the land, a piece of globigerina limestone was cut, to create a piece of land, with a path winding its way through it from the lighthouse to one side of the wall.


Work on this project lasted for about eight days.  After that the work on the design was finished, all mosaic areas were then grouted and cleaned.