Pottery Workshops – Special Unit part-time students

Clay is a fantastic medium for all students. They enjoy experimenting on it by rolling, pinching or flattening it, copying other forms, making marks on wet forms, or creating their own forms. This is what Sannat Special Unit students did during our recent pottery workshops with artist Katrin Formosa. Thanks to her considerable experience with children and adults with special needs, students felt comfortable and were kept engaged throughout the session. They experienced the feeling of being real artists.

Dealing with Autism in Gozo – Closing Seminar

Parents and professionals voiced their opinions about the work that is being done in Gozo in favour of persons with autsim during the closing seminar of the Erasmus+ project Dealing with Autism in Gozo. The comments about the result of this project were extremely positive and all agreed that it has brought about change in the way we are teaching students with autism. The way forward was also discussed.