When I sing, I think…

About the project

Music is the universal language through which we can express our feelings, thoughts, joy or sadness. The best way to learn a new culture and interact with a country for us is to start with their folk songs to learn about their cultural identity.
While students work on different songs from different countries and languages, they will think on how to communicate their songs, their ideas and their works.


Through listening to, learning and singing different countries songs, we aim our learners to think how they can involve their emotions, what kind of media and ICT tools they can use to communicate and collaborate.
With this project students’ thinking and research skills will be developed through problem-solving and language skills will be improved through communicating in different platforms. Our aims for the students are;
– to notice music is a universal language that we can share the feelings and thoughts
– to notice every country have differences and similarities between each other in cultural values.
– to collaborate with students of different countries to learn.
– to use language as a vehicle to communicate and gain information.
– to benefit from social media in a meaningful and safe way to communicate.
Our aims for teachers are;
– To gain insight for different teaching approaches,
– To communicate their ways of teaching.
To make the project more interesting students will have a


The project will last for 6 months. The process will be shared in twinspace by teachers. Facebook page will be opened for students to contact other students in different countries to share information, work and practice together.
First we want to start with which songs to be performed from each country. Songs that are easy to be performed (anyway it depends the school and students) will be preferred. Each country will provide songs with their English translations and if possible the context or the story of the song so through the songs and lyric works we want to expand the knowledge of the country and culture.
When songs are decided, our second part of the project is preparation for a performance. Here we want to share the whole process of preparation. We want our learners to notice music needs discipline and it is universal. – We are curious about breath exercises, – We want to exercise rhythmic values of notes – and then solfege – finally singing with lyrics.


In the end, the final performance will be recorded and there will be collage videos. Students will explore different cultures and values so it will promote their open-mindedness in the way of becoming global-citizens. Working for a purpose with different students will develop their group work skills and enable them to cooperate while their language skills are used efficiently.

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