About the Special Unit

Special Unit Motto

Embracing Diversity Celebrating Abilities

The School Mission Statement

‘We aim to suppport all Gozitan students with different needs in fulfilling their abilities through education’

The School Profile

Sannat Special Unit forms part of Sannat Primary School. At present it caters for 11 full time students and offers services to 46 mainstream students. Students follow an adapted educational programme based on the National Curriculum at both primary and secondary levels. Adaptations are made according to the students’ ages and attainment levels. All areas of the curriculum are covered through the following sessions: Food Tech, Science, Art, PE, PSCD, LEGO therapy, Life skills, Drumming, Sensory, ICT, Cognitive and Hydrotherapy

The Staff consists of the Head of School Ms Pauline Grech,  seven teachers, nine LSA’s, one nurse, one clerk, one handler and one caretaker. The Special Unit consists of two Sensory Rooms, two Relaxation Rooms, an Interactive Projection Room,  an ICT Room, a Cognitive Room, a Lifeskills Room, a Food Tech Room, a Therapy Gym, a Hygiene area and four classrooms.


Programmes held at Sannat Unit

Full time programme is aimed for students who benefit from the special unit services on a full time basis due to the severity of their disabilities.

Part time programme is aimed for students who follow an alternative curriculum in the mainstream class. They spend one or two days a week at the special unit.

Services programme is aimed for students who need less support. Students attend the unit once every two or three weeks.


Sessions held at Sannat Special Unit:

Food Tech Sessions

The Food Tech session aims at different skills which include motivation, attention, turn taking and following a sequence. Students are also involved in daily living skills such as food preparation, shopping and cleaning. Academic skills such as numeracy and literacy are also integrated throughout the session.

Science Sessions

Students participate in experiments which increase their awareness of both living and nonliving things. Some sessions are carried out in our school garden. During these sessions we try to stimulate all five senses. Students are exposed to a variety of stimuli such as different texture, colours and sounds. Students can enjoy nature in a safe, tactile environment.

Art Sessions

These sessions serve as a medium for learning support.  Various art materials serve to help students participate in creative non-verbal expression.

Gym Sessions

PE sessions are held in our Therapy Gym. Our aim is to expose students to different activities which can help them develop good activity habits. Academic concepts are also targeted during these sessions.

Sensory Sessions

The sessions carried out in the Sensory Rooms target the sensory aspect through specialised equipment including interactive light projections, bubble tubes,  vibroacoustic equipment, different adapted seating equipment, different sensory resources, and so on, coupled with multi-sensory therapies. Students benefit in various ways according to their individual needs.

ICT Sessions

ICT sessions are held in the ICT room which is equipped with a wide range of resources. Students are trained to use these resources to facilitate access to the curriculum. Students with communication difficulties will be trained to use devices to facilitate communication.

Cognitive Sessions

Cognitive Sessions are carried out on a one to one basis. The aim of the cognitive programme is for the students to develop their problem solving skills, communication, hand function and basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Life skills Sessions

These sessions are held in the life skills room where students are trained to achieve skills such as making the bed, washing, hanging and folding the clothes, sorting clothes in different drawers, dusting the furniture, sweeping and vacuuming, sorting ingredients in fridge, freezer and kitchen cabinets, preparing their lunch, laying the table as well as washing, drying and sorting the dishes.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

Hydrotherapy sessions take place at Dar Arka. During the 30 minutes session the students will participate in games and activities aimed at helping them exercise, develop their swimming skills, enjoy themselves and relax.

LEGO Therapy Sessions

During these sessions students work in groups of three. They engage in collaborative LEGO brick building activities tailored to their skill level. Different responsibilities are assigned to the group. There are three different roles:  the “architect”, the “supplier” and the “builder”. The team works together to assemble the project with and an emphasis on verbal and non-verbal communication, joint attention and task focus, collaborative problem-solving, sharing and turn-taking (switching roles during the task) and fine motor skills.

Talkabout Sessions

These sessions aim at developing the students’ self-awareness and self-esteem, body language, conversation skills as well as friendship skills and assertiveness.

Drumming Sessions

Drumming sessions are held in the school hall and aim at enhancing social communication and emotional regulation. Drumming infuses the natural ability of rhythm to calm the human mind and body. Through the deliberate use of tempo, instrument choice and timbre, students release excess energy and become more calm. Drums and percussion are effective ways to bring students together in an enjoyable way.