The Children’s Conference

About the project

This TwinSpace has been set up as a kind of gallery and platform for exchange among teachers who wish to actively take part in the conference with their students.
The TwinSpace can be used to both give your project activities visibility and as a pool of further creative ideas. It is also meant to be a way of participating digitally in the exhibition of all books that will be publicly shown in Nürnberg 2018.


Fostering awareness of european values, children’s rights and intercultural understanding. The project strongly promotes active citizenship and gives children a voice.


Project partners will publish and share their indivuidual school work in the TwinSpace in order to contribute to a huge gallery that will be part of the real and concluding exhibition in Nürnberg (Germany) 2018.


A huge pool of creative ideas and lots of colourful insights into children’s perspectives.


Year 6 students recording interviews for project

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