All About Me

About the project

Sentences and students’ pictures

What do I like? What is my name? How old am I? Where do I live? What are my hobbies? What is my favourite color? What is my favourite animal and food?
Can I …?


Students will try to write something in English
They will use basic phrases
Students will read information about other students from other country
They will see, that learning English is usefull


Students will be introduce themselves – they will create a poster – All about me!
In May other school will send to other school this posters.

Students can use a photos, pictures, and own drawing

We will make a photo of : creating posters, finally product and then will be photo there will be students with posters from other country.


* Postal exchange project.

* Photos – and sent this photos to the other school by e-mail, share this prhotos on the etwinning project and on Twinspace

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