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Preparations for the event ‘Walk for Clean Air’

EkoSkola…the whole school is in it… Together!  That is our Vision.  The EkoSkola Student Council at Gozo College Sannat Primary and Special Unit is at the front line proposing ways of how to reduce our carbon footprint and bring ideas forward.  When discussing and planning the EkoSkola action plan at the beginning of the year, the EkoSkola Student Council proposed an Activity for the WHOLE school AND Community:  ‘Walk for Clean Air’. The year 4 classes with their class teachers and LSAS, wrote a Notice as part of their writing task.  This is part of their literacy curriculum with the beauty they are actually writing a Notice within a context, which is that of informing their fellow students of this Event. Every morning assembly, 2 notices by year 4 students are being read as reminders, one in Maltese and another in English. Then, the year 5 class wrote the invitation to parents as part of their Writing Task which was then distributed to all the school students.  We are now reaching the date Friday 5th May. A coach is being used to take us to walk a trail from Ghasri to Marsalforn and then return back to Sannat.  This walk is being organised in collaboration with the EcoGozo Outdoor Activity Teachers.  Be the change.  Take Action. Brilliant work by these teachers and students.