Sharing Our Cultures Through Art

About the project

This project involves students from different countries including students with special needs. These students are going to participate in activities related to a typical painting in their respective country. Activities are shared between the schools through photos and videos.


The aim of this project is to share cultural ideas and increase socialisation between schools from different countries. The students will increase awareness of their own country’s cultural practices through a variety of activities revolving around a typical painting. They will then observe other countries’ cultural practices through the shared photos and videos of the participating schools. Teaching staff will share pedagogical approaches and ideas on how culture education can be delivered to students including those with special needs.


Teachers involved will identify a particular painting which reflects a main cultural practice in their country. They will introduce this painting to their students and originate activities related to different subjects (literacy, art and music). Photos and videos are taken during the delivery of these activities. These are then shared between the schools.

Time line:
January 2018 – Identify a local painting about a place in your country which
depicts an important aspect of your country’s history, culture and/or tradition.
February 2018 – Students visit this place and take pictures which will then be shared through eTwinning.
March 2018 – Art activity related to the painting.
April 2018 – Literacy task related to the painting.
May 2018 – Evaluation.


Students will participate in activities related to their own culture.
– They will follow what students in other countries do differently.
– Teachers will share good practices in the teaching of students with special educational needs.

Special Unit teachers' meeting to plan activities related to the project
Painting by Paul Stellini chosen for the project

Year 6 and Special Unit Students during a video call with students from Sicily
Special Unit part-time students during their visit to Mgarr Harbour
Special Unit Class A at Mgarr Harbour
Special Unit Class B at Mgarr Harbour
Special Unit Class C at Mgarr Harbour

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