Raising Awareness on Stray Animals

About the project

My students are 7-12 years old..
it is very heartbreaking to see animals on the street suffering.
There are many animals that are in the streets that need our help. These animals are hungry and have no shelter.
in our project;
The aim of the ‘Rasing awareness on stray animals’ is to incorporate students in helping the homeless and stray dogs. Students will learn the type of work that is involved in rescuing animals and will discover the animal life
They all need role models to motivate and inspire them.


We are dedicated to rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and caring for all animals.
Training and educating particularly children, about sound animal care and welfare, this is of paramount importance; we will provide activities on a wide range of animal topics aimed at informing, advising, educating and enabling participants to develop their knowledge of animals. Alongside this we will provide projects for schools to allow children to learn about and care for animals.


October: İntroduction steps
November: Coordinate a volunteer event at your local shelter
December: Write an essay about ‘How can we help animals?’
January: Taking photos of street animals
February: Organize a streeat animal park clean up day and then mention your students about wildlife
March: (World wildlife day – 3rd March) Create a poster with your students…


Teaching our students to be kind to animals and emphasising the importance of extending compassion and consideration to other living beings, is an important and valuable life lesson.
Expected Results:
The increase of the awareness of how to treat animals in a humanitarian way,
To emphasize on animal awareness,
The importance of respecting animals..
World Wildlife Day: A special day on which to raise awareness of the world’s endangered wild animals and plants.


Year 3 project on Stray Animals

Youtube video clip created by Ms Georgianne Azzopardi

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