New Generation is aware of Down Syndrome

About the project

Down syndrome is a genetic difference that occurs before birth. When individuals who have down syndrome are provided to be accepted by society, they can keep freely their life.if down syndrome is introduced to the society in early ages, it will make easy acceptance of them. Therefore it is aimed to explain to the children who have normal development in the range of 6-15 ages about down syndrome in our project. It is aimed that children would have normal development have positive manner to the individuals who have down syndrome in early ages.


1- Giving information about individuals with Down Syndrome.
2- Matching individuals with Down Syndrome with ordinary individuals.
3- To make individuals with Down draw incompleted pictures on subjects whatever they want
4- To make ordinary individuas complete the incompleted pictures
5- Exhibiting the pictures in Kültür Merkezi on 21st March
6- Having time altogether with all participants.
7- Giving gifts to all participiants.


1- 20th January – 25th January: Forming the Project Team.
2- 5th February – 16th February: Giving info about persons with Down
3- 19th February – 21st February: Forming matching groups.
4- 22nd February – 28th February: Drawing pictures.
5- 1st March – 16th March: Completing pictures.
6- 21st March: Exhibition – Having time together – Giving gifts.


1- Provided relationship between individuals with down and ordinary people.

2- Ordinary individuals recognized the Down Syndrome
3- Ordinary individuals have created awareness towards persons with Down
4- Learning that Down Syndrome is not a handicap but an awareness.
5- Individuals with Down have become more active in society
6- Accelerated sensitiveness towards Down Individuals
7- Created positive behaviours within families



English, Türkçe
Age range
From 6 to 18
Citizenship, Special Needs Education

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