Christmas DIY – exchanging cards and small gifts

About the project

The project will be a starting point for the international cooperation. “Christmas DIY-exchanging cards and small gifts” project will be a way to introduce to each other and send first information. In the project there will be 7 partners: Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Cyprus, Turkey and Reunion Island. Each partner needs to prepare Christmas cards and small DIY gifts to every partner. The children preparing cards will be aged 11- 15 years old.


– Getting to know the children from a partner school
– Preparing cards and DIY gifts
– Spending time in a nice, before-Christmas atmosphere
– Practising English
– Practising art skills


– Finding partners.
– Discussing the schedule with partners.
– Preparing cards and small DIY gifts (until 27th of November).
– Sending cards and gifts to partners (until 29th of November)
– Preparing small presentation- summary of the project (a PowerPoint presentation, a film) and promoting the project at school and in local community.


– Children will be motivated to learn English and meet people from other countries.
– Children will spend time in nice atmosphere.
– Children will practice art skills.
– Children will be more open to new international experiences.
– We will promote eTwinning.


Year 4 students working on Christmas cards and key chains to exchange with other countries


Youtube video clip created by Ms Georgianne Azzopardi

Youtube video clip created by Ms Georgianne Azzopardi on Christmas traditions in Gozo

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