100 Folk Games for Estonian Children

About the project

Estonia will be 100 years old in February 2018, and the capital’s oldest kindergarten in Tallinn will be 100 years old in October 2018.
The project and games are a gift for the 100 th birthday of the Estonian state and to Estonian kindergartens.
Every group learn one game in their own languages. Videos are uploaded to Project YouTube community and it should be public.
The educational material for videos will be created for Estonia’s birthday


To hold and value national culture.
To introduce and teach games and playing traditions of parents and grandparents.
To introduce and teach different European nation games.
To highlight the best children games from Estonia and other European countries.
To create internet based video catalogue of the games which would also be a learning material.


Duration of the project:
From Ocktober 2017 – 24. February 2020
until 100 games are filled

I ask for partners:
Find one of your country’s national games
Teach it to children in their own language
Each group makes a video (length up to 3 min)
Videos are uploaded to Project YouTube community and it should be public. If the game involves words, I ask to write the words in English


After finishing the project a child will be able to:
know and describe different games
has better vocabulary
communicates and expresses itself openly and creatively
solves game tasks and different situations creatively
understands jokes and how to make one
has a good relationship with people in the game, in the group and in the classroom

At the end of the project public website of popular games is ready for all gamers

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