My Favourite Game

About the project

Simple game exchange between countries.
Games should be active games which students play in a gym, playground, pitch…
This project will last one school term.
1. Students in small groups choose their favourite game and explain how to play in a poster (rules, number of players, place and boundaries, material needed, time, personal information about them).
2. Students record a short video explaining how to play meanwhile they play the game.
3. Share posters and videos with the other schools.
4. Play new games from the other schools, record a video playing them and…
5. Give a review about the games: I like this game because….




– Intercultural communication
– To Know other countries
– To communicate in a foreign language
– To respect diferent cultures and opinions


Teachers should accomplish the calendar and communicate with their partners by email or through the etwinning platform.
– At the beginning of the project in order to set it up. June-September 2017
– Make groups and posters about their favourite game. October 2017
– Record videos explaining how to play. October 2017
– Send the posters and videos. November 2017
– Play games from other countries and give a video-review. November-December 2017
As we are many schools involved, we work on a maximum of 4 games per school.


Play new games from different countries.
Send a Video-review to the school.


Member Countries

Turkey, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria  and Malta


Year 5 students writing about their favourite games

Writing instructions using padlet


Videos – My Favourite Game

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