About the School

The Origins of the School

The first primary school at Sannat opened its doors in the year 1873.  Primarily it was a house located at 86-87 Saguna Street in the area known as the Upper Square.  The government had purchased this house and transformed it into a school.  The first headmaster was Peter Paul Zerafa.  Till the year 1891, about 85 children attended this school.

The number of pupils continued to increase and in the year 1905, the government had to rent a bigger house in Main Street to accommodate all pupils. However on October 10, 1942 the school suffered considerable damage due to war bombs.

In the meantime the Colonial Government was working on the New Modern Schools Programme.  On March 13, 1964, the present school at Sannat Road,  was officially opened by the Minister of Education Dr Antonio Paris and blessed by His Lordship Monsignor Giuseppe Pace, bishop of Gozo.

Model of school

Our School Today

The school caters for children from Sannat and Munxar.    It comprises the Primary and Kindergarten Sector as well as the Special Unit.

About  174 children attend the Primary and Kindergarten.  Year groups 3, 4  and 6 are made up of one class while Year groups 1, 2 and 5 are  made up of two classes.

The Special Unit Section which is situated under the same roof caters for 11 students with special needs on a full-time basis and provides services to 46 mainstream students from Primary and Secondary Schools on the island.

The staff consists of 1 Head of School, 3 Assistant Heads, 9 Teachers and 14 Learning Support Educators in the Primary Section, 5 Kindergarten Assistants and 1 Learning Support Educator in the Kindergarten Section as well as 8 Teachers and 7 Learning Support Educators in the Special Unit Section.