EkoSkola – Green Flag Award

Last Monday, one of our Year 6 students, Amy Mizzi has read to all the school and EkoSkola committee, the results of the EkoSkola evaluation visit which was held the week before by Professor Paul Pace and Mr Vince Attard.
The EkoSkola National Jury has unanimously agreed to award our school with the prestigious Green Flag Award for the first time.
A big thank you goes to the Head of School Mr Daniel James Cassar, the EkoSkola Committee, SMT, teachers, LSAs and all our students at Gozo College Sannat and Special Unit.

Eko Skola Initiative

One of the main aims of the EkoSkola Commitee is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Today our head of school, Mr Daniel James Cassar, together with the EkoSkola committee have presented a small gift of appreciation to Ms Rotin and her daughter Aaliah. This is because they come to school on foot or by bicycle everyday.