Workshop of the Pestalozzi programme of the Council of Europe held in Spain

The Head of School Miss Pauline Grech attended a Workshop of the Pestalozzi programme of the  Council of Europe organized in Santander Spain between the 10th and 13th April 2016. 

The workshop was entitled: Towards an inclusive school: addressing respect and celebrating diversity. Given the critical social context in Europe, this workshop focused on inclusion on the level of school but also on the level of society as well as on the respect of diversity.
The situation with regard to migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and also to people at risk of exclusion because of gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, etc. was considered.
During this workshop educators from the following countries participated:  Spain, France, Italy, Bosnia Herzogovina, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Italy and Malta. Miss Grech was the only representative from Malta.

Ms Grech during a workshop in Spain
Ms Grech with other participants from across Europe